Bender Is Mended!

Bender' s Mender

IMG_0991 My family (Josh, Harrison and Sophie) at the finish line! 

I hesitate to write/say “Bender is Mended,” because I question whether I am or will ever be “fully mended.” Truth is, I question whether any of us are ever fully mended from whatever challenges begin to present themselves the moment we enter the world. What does it even mean to be fully mended? Aren’t we all stitched up beings, forever changed in some way by whatever led to the stitches in the first place? Perhaps we’re stronger in some ways, more vulnerable in others… do those vulnerabilities mean we are less mended? Clearly I’ve been contemplating such questions of late…

One thing is certain: I feel a physical confidence that I haven’t felt since before starting treatment– and maybe not even then. I think I am coming back with even more confidence, knowing I can go through what I did and come out the other side feeling truly…

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6 thoughts on “Bender Is Mended!

  1. Do everything as if it were the only thing in the world that mattered, while all the time knowing that it doesn’t matter at all.

    ~ Pema Chodron



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