7 thoughts on “Awakening Through Breast Cancer

    1. Carrie, thank you so much! Just fyi, though I did love Ensler’s book, it was super intense with parts I had to skim over. It’s about her cancer journey but also about her work with women in the Congo who have been violently, sexually brutalized as a tool of war. Horrific beyond belief is an understatement. But the book is beautiful and powerful and important.

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  1. I relate to this on a couple of levels. First, I cherished all the time I had to read during chemo. Life was simpler in many ways. Mostly, and I know it’s not popular with some survivors to say this, but I too embraced the transformation. That’s something I do in life in general, so how much more during and after cancer? Cancer has been the hardest experience ever and, no, I don’t call it a gift, but there’s no denying that there are things I’ve gotten from it that are like gold to me.


    1. Eileen, I so appreciate your comment because, yes, I know many “fighters” and “survivors” cringe at the notion of something good coming from cancer- so it’s a comfort to feel like my perspective/experience is shared by some; and by you, whose own blog posts speak to and touch me. Certainly I would never have asked for cancer! But like you, it seems, I think the “meaning of life” is to evolve spiritually/emotionally, which means I see obstacles/challenges as opportunities for growth. Doesn’t mean I always welcome those challenges!! But on my better days, I’m able to see the potential in them.

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  2. Dear Jenny,
    I feel a bit the same, as you say, going through fears and awakening to a new life, or life! is very exciting, enjoyable and moving.
    Ensler’s book “in the body of the world” is for me one of the few most beautiful books in the world and I cherish it, it’s like a guideline for me and I guess for others also.
    Dear Jenny, just go on with your courage and determination, as you know it’s worth while and makes your dreams come true.
    Lot’s of love Mariejeanne.


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