Last day of breast cancer treatment!

A short but VERY SWEET!! post:

Today I had my last day of radiation and my last day of 9 months of active breast cancer treatment! (I have ten years of Tamoxifen to go, but thank the gods and goddesses everywhere, my emotional state seems to be stabilizing after two months of…. well, hell.) The end of chemo was bittersweet for me, but today is simple: I feel like celebrating.

Thank you to the wonderful radiation therapists, Sara, Mariecruz, Kate and Dana, who tenderly administered my treatment every Monday-Friday for the past 6 weeks. (And yes, I do have purple hair. I felt the urge to do something a couple of weeks ago; now I’m anxiously waiting for the purple to grow out.)


Moving forward, I will continue to explore questions that have been prominent in my mind and heart these last many months. (As always, I would love to hear other people’s responses!)

  • What brings me joy, and how can I bring more of that joy into my everyday?
  • Who am I really? Who am I now?
  • What about my life do I want to change and what do I want to nurture?
  • For what—and for whom—am I grateful?

18 thoughts on “Last day of breast cancer treatment!

  1. Dearest Jenny, yes please do celebrate and a lot! Your continued truths, vulnerability and gratitude are contagious. Thank you for the reminder for me 😊
    Love and big hugs, Aunt Rie


  2. Jenny, you are “you” and will always be the amazing Jenny that we all have come to know and love! I admire the way you have educated us all the way that you have walked the streets of chemotherapy and radiotherapy! You are really amazing. Now just be yourself and enjoy every moment you can with family and friends. I am back to work myself and I am trying my best to leave cancer behind although the numbness in my feet gives away for people to ask me questions! “I am all right” I keep on repeating to them, but also to myself! Thank God we are able to say that to ourselves. Theresa


  3. Have you seen Inside Out? It’s Joy that drives our whole show, Jenny. We ARE joy, naturally, with no effort. It’s allowing yourself to believe the other voices that speak that obliterate the joy. Being quiet allows the joy to shine. Try that on for size …

    Blessings, Friend.


    1. Yes, Inside Out was wonderful! And oh the other voices, how powerful they get at times! But yes, joy is there at the core, I feel lucky to know and feel that. Thank you for the blessings and reminders.


  4. YAY!!! That’s great that you had your final zap. I love your questions Jenny, they continue to move your thoughts and energy forward. I’m going to think about them deeply as they resonate. With love and much pondering………….


    1. So glad to have connected with you through our experiences. I would love to read your responses to the questions at some point! (Maybe we can get a lot of folks to respond, as with “15 Random Things.”)


  5. Hi Jenny,

    Celebrate and enjoy the moments!

    I feel privileged to be able to read your blog. Your honesty and willingness to expose the ups and downs of this journey are a gift to so many.

    Hugs to you,


  6. Jenny – I am in awe of your courage and your spirit. Enjoy celebrating – my thoughts and prayers have been with you and your family!!


  7. The goodness and warmth and kindness of your helpers jumps out from the screen. So many amazing people in the world that we never otherwise hear about.
    Wonderful news.


  8. Dear Jenny waou youpi!
    I am so happy for you.
    The end of the treatment is a great step.
    Sure you can celebrate all your soul for it, and even ever day for what you went through and what you have survived.
    Enjoy life and take time for yourself.
    Lot’s of love Mariejeanne.


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