What makes me feel young

What makes me feel old:

  • Real live (young) adults who were born in the 90s.
  • My son (how do I have a nine year old?) and daughter (when did she get so tall?)
  • Gray hair and belly skin that sags when I bend over.
  • Aching joints—and conversations with friends about aching joints.
  • My (almost) 20th college reunion.
  • Men (boys?) who were born in the 90s and don’t notice me.

What makes me feel young:

  • Getting breast cancer at 39.

Every doctor visit, every chemo infusion, every piece of paper with my birth date and “breast cancer” written on it, reminds me of just how young I am.

5 thoughts on “What makes me feel young

  1. Wow.
    Your mastery is growing, greater and greater. It is a beautiful thing, witnessing you write into your power.
    You say so much with so few words.
    This is a deeply moving reveal, opening a well of silence in me.

    Thank you.


  2. Dear Jenny, Posted something someplace but not sure it went through. After thinking about your questions, what makes one feel old, what makes one feel young, my question became: what makes me, you, anyone, feel ALIVE?


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