My Beaming Breast (and Other Good News)

Two (very) good pieces of news: First, Taxol infusion yesterday and I’m feeling fine! I was told I might crash tomorrow when the steroids wear off, but that I shouldn’t have any nausea… and after much skepticism about that in the days leading up to yesterday, I’m letting myself believe it, since there have been no signs of it so far. Feels like a small miracle. (Though the longer I’m feeling better, that all-too-familiar, life-long, free-floating anxiety is coming back in full force, my mind busy making long lists of all I want to accomplish.)

The other good news: Today I met with Dr. Katz, my oncologist, who confirms what I felt a couple of weeks ago—that there is no longer any sign of the lump in my breast! After she massaged each breast, lifted each arm, felt for lymph nodes inside my pits (many of you know the drill), Dr. Katz beamed. “This just made my day! All the hell you’re going through is worth it, because the treatment is working!” The fluorescent lights and my left breast and I beamed right along with her.

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