Treatment Check-In: Chemo, Take Two

Two days after my last post on Christmas, I got some version of Sophie’s stomach bug, which lingered pretty much through school break. (That chemo-suppressed immune system again, or so I assume, since I was the only other one to get it in a house full of people, and I’ve never been one to catch those stomach bugs.) I still managed to have a brilliantly happy holiday with Josh and the kids and my parents.IMG_5221

Last Monday, I had my last of four Adromycin Cytoxin (AC) infusions, AC being the one of my two chemo regimens that is apparently much harder to tolerate. As of this weekend, I started feeling more myself physically. (Which mostly means less nauseated all the time; I’m still low energy but especially with all of my wonderful “elves” helping to keep my life afloat, the low energy doesn’t bother me much… except for when I’m struggling my way through a gawd-awful-painfully-s-l-o-w run, and every one of my very sporadic runs these days is gawd-awful-painfully-s-l-o-w.)

Next week I start 12 consecutive weeks of Taxol, the second and last chemo concoction. Taxol is apparently much easier to tolerate. I’m told I’ll still be very fatigued but won’t have the intense nausea. I’m hopeful but also skeptical, since I was also told before starting AC that it wouldn’t be so bad with all the great, new nausea drugs.

So now, I wait. Wait to see how I respond to the Taxol next week. Wait to see if I respond consistently in the couple of weeks that follow. Wait to see what this next phase might entail.

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