Everything happens for a reason

Image 3I ran three miles on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings! And then crashed and took not one but two mini-naps. But still, felt—feels—amazing to know I might get through this without every single muscle in my body atrophying. Prior to Monday, when I dipped my toe back into the “active” waters by walking my kids to school then home again (a whopping 1 mile roundtrip), the most exercise I’d gotten in over two weeks was a 12 minute, snail’s-paced walk that took everything out of me. A far cry from the 6-8 mile runs I was doing prior to chemo, so I was a little worried. And then a lot relieved after my runs this week to think I might actually feel like a “real” person who can do “real” things here and there over the next five months.

So there I have it, tangible “everything happens for a reason” evidence that not getting chemo on Monday was a good thing in the end.

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