Chemo is kicking my ass

I went downhill quick after my first chemo infusion yesterday. By 4:30 yesterday afternoon (three hours after leaving the Cancer Center), I felt much worse than expected. Because of a headache, I couldn’t open my eyes to any light until this morning. I was terribly nauseated and unable to eat or drink just about anything. I did manage to get down a small bowl of plain yogurt with raspberries and later, a couple of homemade cranberry popsicles. Josh and Annie and I talked with the on-call doctor a couple of times, who walked us through some options and also said they would tweak my nausea meds at my next chemo infusion. My oncologist has stressed several times that chemo is not what it used to be, that there are such great nausea meds now, that most people feel okay. Perhaps I am the exception.

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